Hate the game, but make it work

Hate the game, but make it work

Why start a business when you don’t like capitalism?

I don’t really like capitalism. It’s inherently unsustainable and unequal in its opportunities. Yet here I am, using that inequity and unsustainably to create something for myself that effectively feeds the beast of it all. 


In short, I want to be able to live the kind of life I want; being able to create and foster art, live simply but abundantly, and being able to travel, not for lavish reasons, but to meet my fellow humans around the world and learn about their perspectives. 

In the United States, which doesn’t support art much on a state or federal level, we artists are on our own to make it happen. While many industries receive some sort of government subsidies, the arts do not. In short, to try succeed as an artist in this country, one also has to succeed at capitalism.

Or know someone who does. Since I don’t have a benefactor who funds my dance pursuits, I will have to become my own supporter.

To be clear, I don’t have an idea about what type of economic system should or could replace capitalism, I just know I don’t love the way the system works now. But in an effort to play the hand I was dealt…enter starting a business. 

If I can control more of how I earn a living, I might have more resources to put towards things that aren’t capitalistic: art, education, travel. That’s a big “might,” but recognizing the things within myself that support that “might,” I believe I can be successful. In most of the jobs I’ve had over the years, I always thought I could do a better job if I were the boss. 

Time to test that theory. Here’s to thinking creatively about how to make it in this world on my own terms.


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